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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

IMPRESSION: Blanca Li in Paris at Theatre des Champs Elysées

Photo © Vincent Pontet

Blanca Li has put a solid and powerful structure in place for her work Déesses et démones (Goddesses and Demonesses). The lighting, by Caty Olive, and sets, by Pierre Attrait, speak with a simplicity that borders on brilliance. The designer swaths of flowing fabric are undeniably beautiful. Charles Carcopino's video projections carry the vision of the work forward magnificently. Both performers, Blanca Li and Maria Alexandrova (a principal dancer with the Bolshoi Ballet), are excellent dancers. It is unfortunate that the work is hampered by the choreography that seeks to support it.

Déesses et démones begins with thin lines of light bridging the vast expanse between the stage floor and rafter sky. A deep, velvet sea of darkness cradles the glowing columns with a tenderness that gives them form — a great start to any tale that speaks of gods and demons or, more precisely, goddesses and demonesses.

A giant venetian window blind at the back of the stage snaps open... more

Photo © Vincent Pontet

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