the art of bodies in motion

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Walk Gently...

Walk Gently... © Ann Moradian. All rights reserved.

Walk gently
with feet that listen tenderly.
It is my body you mark with each step.

Know yourself by the feel of the air
as it breathes through the pores of your skin.
It is my soul you breathe
in your lungs in your blood in your heart.

Regard the weather well.
As you march through the heat that burns water dry
it is the dust of my skin you spit aside.

And when the rains fall, take care.
My muddy checks distort and slide.
And in between rain and sun, life takes root and grows
with a joy that veers toward ecstasy.

Come often, lest paths carved out overs years disappear.
Life shoots up any place it can.
Certain small deaths are necessary.

But walk gently, with feet that listen tenderly and give you strength.
It is my body that supports you as you mark it with each step.
It is my face beneath your feet at the summit
where the wind blows unhindered.

Ann Moradian, April 15, 2009