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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Dancing Through Time and Space

Yellowstone night sky,
A Retreat to Remember
Jackson Hole, Wyoming (near Yellowstone National Park)
June 29 - July 3, 2019, $550

I am delighted to be joining forces with atmospheric scientist, geologist and avid night-sky gazer, Scott Denning, and his science education nonprofit organization,, to develop this once in a lifetime retreat for you. In addition to daily movement, breathing practices and self (and nature) awareness practices, we anticipate exploring the geology and ecology of this extraordinary region during the day, and nature's open galaxy under the very dark night skies of the new moon. 

We will explore the natural history of the Earth from its origins in the clouds of cosmic dust through the formation of our atmosphere and oceans, the origin and evolution of life and biochemistry, to the many episodes of mountain building and erosion that have produced the spectacular topography and landscapes of the Rocky Mountain region. We will see the effects of ice ages and flora and fauna that have transformed the region’s ecology. We will see how glaciers and rivers and life have sculpted the land, and we will explore how modern climate change will impose rapid changes in the decades to come. 

Throughout these explorations, we will include structured movement to become centered in and aware of our bodies as parts of the natural world, through which matter and energy flow. We will come too truly understand how we are a part of nature, rather than apart from it. Participants will experience a broader view of the concept of nature that includes a deeper appreciation of the science of origin and destiny well as a deeply personal sense of dwelling both in one's embodied being, in nature, and in the larger cosmos. 

$550 includes the retreat program and very simple shared, dorm-style rooms (with 4 beds and a private bathroom). It is possible to upgrade to a private room (at approximately an additional $110/night, depending on availability). Food and transportation are not included. 

To reserve your place, please contact Ann or Scott directly.