the art of bodies in motion

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

IMPRESSION: Sisters & Monster Mechanism

Elsa Wolliaston (foreground) and Roser Mantle Guberna in Sisters.
Photo (c) Christophe Raynaud de Lage. 

Sisters:  "While feet and fingers flutter like thoughts, and elbows and ankles anchor and thrust, the life of Guberna's character spreads out in a smooth and endless spiral through space like thick, soft butter. Wolliaston, in her chair, becomes a magnet that orients, a home to return to."  

Sherwood Chen and Yuko Kaseki in Monster Mechanism. Photo (c) Sigel Eschkol.

Monster Mechanism:  "The only effective section is what I call the “kiss and smoosh" bit. Here the performer’s mouths target each other like missiles. They connect momentarily only to slide fiercely off-track, leaving trails of lipstick all over each other’s faces. Performing with single-minded attention, the duo veers directly toward the absurd... When a performer aggressively shoves their ass in your face, it had better be clear — at least by the end — why. If not, the gesture remains simply grotesque.

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