Photo © 2009. Nannette Bertschy & Ann Moradian.

looking at the world and challenging our assumptions, definitions and creation of it through the lense of the body, movement, the arts and science.


- IMPRESSIONS FROM FRANCE: House of Hermès/New Settings
- Reflections: Dale Chihuly at Denver Botanic Gardens
- A Day in the Life of: WDA Global Summit in Angers
- Reflections: Bill Viola Retrospective
- IMPRESSION: James Thiérrée's Tabac Rouge
- Notes from IMPRESSION: James Thiérrée's Tabac Rouge
- IMPRESSION: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
- Notes from IMPRESSION: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
- IMPRESSION: Aurélian Bory's Plexus
- Notes from IMPRESSION: Aurélian Bory's Plexus
- IMPRESSION: Robert Wilson's The Old Woman
- Notes from IMPRESSION: Robert Wilson's The Old Woman
- IMPRESSION: Paris Opera Ballet's Bolero
- IMPRESSION: DYNAMO, Grands Palais (Paris)
- IMPRESSION: Aurélian Bory (Paris)
- A Day in the Life: Videodanse at Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris)
- IMPRESSION: Maguy Marin & Ballet de l'Opera de Lyon (Paris)
- IMPRESSION: Dance GB (London)
- IMPRESSION: Paris Opera Ballet's Manon
- A Day in the Life: 30th International Dance Day Celebration (Paris)
- IMPRESSION: Satchie Noro (Paris)
- Interview: Richard Siegal (Paris)
- IMPRESSION: Russell Maliphant (Paris)
- IMPRESSION: Danser sa vie (Paris)
- IMPRESSION: Richard Siegal (Paris)
- IMPRESSION: Christina Towle and Orin Camus (Paris)
- IMPRESSION: Jaro Vinarsky & Eva Klimackova (Paris)
- Reflections: James Thiérrée's "Au Revoir Parapluie" (Paris)
- A Day in the Life: International Dance Day in the City of Light
- IMPRESSION: The Performer, Cie Kan buto (Paris)
- Reflections: Aurélian Bory's "sans objet" (Paris)
- Reflections: Thierry de Mey (Nanterre, France)
- Reflections: Paris Opera Ballet's "Homage à Jerome Robbins"
- Abstraction: The Empty Space (Natyakala Conference, India)
- What Moves Us?: Returning to Dance (WDA Conference, USA)

POETRY by Ann Moradian
- The Chant of Medusa
- Walk Gently
- Reading the Body
- Yellowstone
- The Natural Order of Things
- The Mine
- Shining...
- The Edge of Water

OTHER WORDS by Ann Moradian
- What is Yoga?
- Yoga: The Laundry (part I - Choice)
- The Old Man with the Lamp
- Ahimsa: When will it work?
- Manifest Destiny, revisited
- The Perils of Yoga for Men