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looking at the world and challenging our assumptions, definitions and creation of it through the lense of the body, movement, the arts and science.


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(Artistic Director, Perspectives In Motion)

ANN is a movement artist, teacher, writer and director currently based in Paris. A certified yoga instructor, a martial arts practitioner and a dedicated student of life, Ann has been teaching and performing for over 30 years. Originally a dancer and choreographer, Ann founded Perspectives In Motion in 1988 as a contemporary dance company in New York City. As intended and as its name implies, the company's focus has evolved organically, and now includes explorations in education, collaboration and mixed- and multi- disciplinary projects.

Ann graduated magna cum laude from Gallatin at New York University with a specialization in the Arts in Society. Her work is influenced by not only dance, yoga, the martial and energy arts, but also by her time living abroad in both India and France. She has "a deep respect for dance tradition and at the same time delves courageously into the experimental."

Raised in Colorado, Ann began performing at the age of 8. Her first professional performances were with Gwendolyn Ashbaugh's Palimpsest, Denver Civic Ballet, Colorado State Ballet and Opera Fair. She moved to New York City in 1981, where she danced with a number of companies, including Anna Sokolow's Players' Project, the Manuel Alum Dance Company, Impulse Theatre & Dance, and Perspectives In Motion.

She began studying yoga in 1982 with Eric Beeler and first began sharing this practice with her dancers in 1991 to help them gain a deeper awareness, more powerful presence, greater control, flexibility, articulation, focus, ease and well-being. She is a certified yoga instructor. Her first introduction to the martial arts was in 1994 in New York with Aikido master, Henry Smith. Her studies in the martial arts include Tai Chi (wu style), Chi Gong, kenjutsu, Aikido and Kinomichi with Masamachi Noro and Nguyen Thahn Thien. She has taught dance, yoga, partnering and movement throughout the US and internationally in Belgium, England, France and India.

Ann has worked in film in a number of capacities, including choreographer, dancer, actress and cameraperson. In 2006, Ann Moradian and visual artist Nannette Bertschy began a collaborative exploration which led to not only a large body of figurative photography, but also to a number of experimental movement videos. In 2009 Nannette joined Ann as she continued to develop the conceptualization of a multi-disciplinary performance work re-telling the myth of Medusa. The large scale work has been presented in-progress in Paris 2012 and 2013 at venues including the Bilingual Acting Workshop, the Centre nationale de la danse and L'Art au Garage.

While living in India from 1996-2002, Ann served as the Performing Arts co-Chair for the International Women's Association of Chennai. She began writing on dance in 2001, when she was asked to present a paper on Abstraction and Dance for the Natya Kala Conference on Choreography, also in Chennai. She has continued to present papers, speak on panels and conduct workshops for international conferences and organizations.

Currently based in Paris, Ann is the French Correspondent for The Dance Enthusiast. She teaches workshops and classes on a regular basis in yoga, as well as partnering, holistic and somatic movement and physical theatre. Ann continues to work on collaborative and interdisciplinary projects and often serves as a coach and advisor for performance productions.

(Theatre & Movement Performance)

Photo © Alex Vanagas.

Born and raised in Texas, Colum began playing piano and singing at an early age. His appreciation for the arts grew out of this first contact with great teachers. After high school, he was invited to study voice at The University of Kansas, at Lawrence. While there, he met other great teachers who introduced him to a wide field of performance styles. His love for physical theatre started at KU.

After receiving his BFA (with a minor in Italian), Colum traveled the Pacific ocean and Mediterranean sea (respectively) as an singer/performer on cruise ships. In 2004, he returned to the United States as a candidate in a new MFA (Acting) degree at The University of Texas, at Austin. While at UT, he studied American Realism, the style that continues to dominate the American theatre.

After graduating, Colum was hired as an acting teacher and resident actor by PCPA, an acting conservatory & Equity theatre company in Santa Maria, California. He spent three years working for PCPA and other theatre companies on the central coast of California, and Oregon.

He moved to Paris to study European/Physical theatre techniques at L’Ecole de Jacques LeCoq. He studied at the school briefly, before discovering LISPA (in London), where he completed his training. He returned to Paris and has continued to study with master teachers from all over Europe and Russia, in various theatrical styles.

Colum teaches ongoing classes in performance/acting technique, utilizing a mélange of his extensive training and experience to bring the best out in each of his students. Since 2012, Colum has been a resident actor for an English speaking children's theatre company, Compagnie Oz, in Paris. Colum is a certified Meisner Teacher, through the True Acting Institute in America.