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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

YOGA WORKSHOP, Sunday October 28, 2012

Breathing Yoga / Breathing Life
October 28, 2012
11h30 - 13h30, 40€

Prana, life force energy, is a powerful, clarifying force for both mind and body. It can be accessed through the breath.

In this workshop we will focus on integrating breath, mind and body, deepening our awareness and access to our own life force energy. This union of mind, body and being is foundational to any physical practice, whether simply the habitual patterns of our daily lives, competitive sports or yoga asanas. By working these multiple aspects simultaneously, blockages release, alignment clarifies, ease and strength return. By streamlining our efforts, we release resistance to our breath and being, reclaiming not only confidence, but also that deep inner strength and clarity that is inherent within each of us.

To register contact
Ann Moradian, perspectivesinmotion(at) or 06 89 70 23 58

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