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looking at the world and challenging our assumptions, definitions and creation of it through the lense of the body, movement, the arts and science.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

YOGA WORKSHOP, Sunday October 28, 2012

Breathing Yoga / Breathing Life
October 28, 2012
11h30 - 13h30, 40€

Prana, life force energy, is a powerful, clarifying force for both mind and body. It can be accessed through the breath.

In this workshop we will focus on integrating breath, mind and body, deepening our awareness and access to our own life force energy. This union of mind, body and being is foundational to any physical practice, whether simply the habitual patterns of our daily lives, competitive sports or yoga asanas. By working these multiple aspects simultaneously, blockages release, alignment clarifies, ease and strength return. By streamlining our efforts, we release resistance to our breath and being, reclaiming not only confidence, but also that deep inner strength and clarity that is inherent within each of us.

To register contact
Ann Moradian, perspectivesinmotion(at) or 06 89 70 23 58

ACTING FOR FILM IN ENGLISH, Workshop for ages 10-14

Sunday, October 14, 2012
14h00 - 18h00, Salle Vilar
Salles St. Roch, 35 rue St. Roch, 75001 Paris
(M° Tuileries, Pyramides), €40

English and French spoken.
For further information and registration contact
Louise Denyer: Ldenyer(at) or 06 73 93 41 85
Ann Moradian: perspectivesinmotion(at) or 06 89 70 23 58

We will be working on film scenes, character studies, film acting skills and then film your scene!

version français:

10 à 14 ans

dimanche, 14 octobre 2012
14h00 à 18h, Salle Vilar
Salles St. Roch, 35 rue St. Roch, 75001 Paris
(M° Tuileries, Pyramides), tarif 40€

On parle anglais et français.
Infos et inscriptions contact
Louise Denyer : ldenyer(at) ou 0673934185
Ann Moradian : perspectivesinmotion(at) ou 06 89 70 23 58

On travail sur des scènes de film, des personnages, des techniques de jouer devant la camera puis le tournage de chaque scène!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Movement for Performers

Playing the Body / Le Jeu du Corps
Fridays - 10h00-11h45
Salle Raimu (3rd floor, escalier B)
Salles St. Roch, 35 rue St. Roch (M° Pyramides or Tuileries)
€8 - trial class (offered thru October 12, 2012)
€15 - drop-in rate
€96 - 8 class card
€120 - 12 class card

bilingue, anglais et français

Photo © Marius Dahl, 2012.

English Version:
This is a movement class for ALL performers, from ALL DISCIPLINES -- though NON-PERFORMERS are WARMLY welcome! We reclaim the body's strength, depth, articulation and mobility while developing its range of (e)motion, expression and physical possibility. The class is an exploration in which we embody our being, claim our presence, meet, experiment and discover together.

Photo © Marius Dahl, 2012.

We start by integrating the attention, breath and movement to clear out and release blockages, increase flexibility and claim our presence and being. We work with the body's weight, with gravity and space, to develop awareness, strength and ease. We move out into space around us to meet and connect with each other, developing not only the animal grace inherent in each of us, but also the ability to "listen," respond and "speak" through the body. As the course progresses, there will be an opportunity to work on individual and group scenes -- from a body perspective -- for those interested. The work draws from not only dance and theatre, but also very much from yoga, the martial and energy arts.

It is lots of fun, and open to all levels. Drop-ins are accepted and class cards are available. For more information, contact Ann Moradian, perspectivesinmotion(at)

version française:

Le Jeu du Corps / Playing the Body
est un cours pleinement porté sur l'intégrité, la présence, l'articulation et les relations. Nous commençons avec une pratique yogique, intégrant attention et respiration aux mouvements du corps, pour soulager les blocages et accroître notre mobilité. Nous travaillons avec l'espace et la gravité, pour développer conscience, force et souplesse. Puis nous évoluons vers notre environnement pour bouger en contact avec les autres, développant non seulement la grâce animale intrinsèque à chacun de nous, mais aussi notre capacité à “écouter”, répondre et “parler” à travers le corps. Incorporant des éléments du yoga comme des arts martiaux, ce cours est conçu pour les artistes de spectacle vivant et est ouvert à tous les niveaux. On y prend beaucoup de plaisir, chacun est le bienvenu ! Cours à l'unité acceptés et cartes de cours applicables. Pour plus d'informations contact Ann Moradian,