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Thursday, August 9, 2012


Shining... © Ann Moradian. All rights reserved.

Never tell me trust you
It's a promise or a lie
And either way with time
We'll see

With two minds in you
Against one heart
No matter where you start
You break what you build apart

There is no up to climb to
There is no down to fall
Just out and in with a spin
And a little pin of gravity
Dive into one seed in the heart
Forever you fall
but never apart
Not down
Just in
And out

There is no up to climb to
There is no down to fall
Except in your head with its two minds
Warring with all you know

There is no down
There is no up
Just the heart that breathes
in the empty space where
All is
Not a dream in the mind
But a space in the heart
Where we weave threads of nothing

With two unyielding minds in you
Against that pulsing heart
Bright and flashing brilliant
You shred yourself and your world

Clenching the known in the fists of your mind
As you slash at your fears
There's no room left to find
Any other way

Peek out of the cell
that contains you
It's a figment of your minds
Closing the blinds within you
to any other way

Let your heart's song guide you
Yield to the space between
And air
Breath lives there

Two steel trap minds in you
Hating your loving heart
No matter where you start
You break
And what you build
Falls apart

Dive into the seeds of the heart
Forever we fall
Not apart
Just deeper in
Further out

Not a dream in the air
But a space in the heart
Where no matter how we start
We choose to weave new dreams
Rather than rip the fabric of souls apart
We can weave threads of nothing

... shining...

Ann Moradian, March 11, 2011, August 9, 2012

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