Photo © 2009. Nannette Bertschy & Ann Moradian.

looking at the world and challenging our assumptions, definitions and creation of it through the lense of the body, movement, the arts and science.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mind's I

(photo copyright 2010. Nannette Bertschy & Ann Moradian)

What follows is a response to "Mind's I," the movement video by Nannette Bertschy and Ann Moradian that was presented this summer in New York City at the World Dance Alliance World Congress and in November at Atelier Z as part of "le mois de la photo" in Paris:

"In Mind's I we are lulled into the beauty of the vibrant colors and textures, slowly seeing that there is a figure playing along, and through and between the tantalizing textures and planes. Reflections fold in on each other as the eye slides from what is to what is reflected until all we know is the edge where these meet. The collage quality of the piece can hold us in a fantastic textured space; but the images of constraint and expunging; of the figure breaking through the psychedelic hedges and vomitting up hearts does not allow a state of comfortable entertainment. Minds I  winds and weaves its way between the buried dream space and the place where body meets space--and where touch becomes the raw space where our inner world confronts the sharp lived plane."
Toby Brothers
Parisian Literary Salon Director

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Perspective frames experience (an example)...


"The Apache refused to be dealt with in any civilized manner. Whereas history proved to the Spaniard that all Indios could be reasonably subdued, and eventually civilized, the Apache was a frustrating enigma. When the Spaniards took Apaches as slaves, they retaliated by taking Spaniards as slaves! Unthinkable! When the Mexican soldiers used lances upon them, the Apaches adopted lances, using them with more imaginative cruelty than the soldiers..."

"Peace is a condition our souls can live with only if our souls and minds are free. Unless you will buy peace for your body with the most violent of war: murder of your soul."

"Watch for me on the Mountain"
A Novel of Geronimo and the Apache Nation
by Forrest Carter, 1978